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Persian, Afghan & Caucasian Instructors


Ustad Nuoisha Jamali Khanum

Ustad Nousha Khanum is the principal of Niousha Academy of San Jose, California. . She has been very active in teaching of Persian Dances for teh last 30

plus years. She is originally from Iran.

During these years, Ustad Nouisha created countless protegees and sent out the great dancers to the field of Persian Dancing.

Ramin Elderov

Ramin Elderov was born and raized in the republic of Azerbaijan and he is a former professional Dancer with State Ensemble of Azerbaijan for 16 years. After serving the country with his dance. He immigrated to teh United States in the Greater Area of Seattle with his family. He works Eurasia Academy locally and teaches children and adults.

Forouzan Banu

Ferouzan was born and raised in Iran. She has been dancing ever since she was a very small child. She has always practiced with her Mother who is also a vistorso in Persian Dancing. Forouzan specializes in the Persian Dance Style that one dances with one's  ENTIRE BEING. She is currently teaching in workshop formats with Eurasia Virtual Academy.

Grace Emiko Noor Nakamura DFA

Emiko  Noor Nakamura DFA is one of the direct disciples of Mariinsky Russian Ballet and Natioanal Dance Grand Master: Ivan Novikoff who was originally from Kazan, Tartaristan. Mr. Novikoff taught Free Movements coming from the HEARTS with professional level Plasticities and with Intense Charactrization Technique, Emiko is also a direct disciple of Dr. Mahera Harouny who is originally from Kabul, Afghanistan, being a professor of the Persian Literature, Ms. Harouny  is a one of the 5 authorities of the world in Rumi, Hafiz Sadi and Omar Khayam poems besides being a wonderful choreographer. In addition, Grace Emiko had studied from countless native Persian, Central Asian and Trans-Cacasian Dance Masters in her lifetime. She is teaching her unique, Super Expressive and "Poetory in Motion Style" Choreograpies of 5 different natioanlities of Silk Road Dances weekly. For details inquire by messengers or e-mail:
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