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Eurasia Academy and Ensemble was first funded in 1984 by Grace Emiko Noor Nakamura in Seattle, Washington at the Ivan Novikoff Russian-American Ballet School where Ms. Nakamura has studied Russian Mariinsky Ballet and Russian National Folk Dancing for 22 years with Russian Ballet Grand Master Ivan F. Novikoff Who is the teacher of Robert Jeffrey, the funding director of "Jeffrey Ballet"of New York City and Leona Wood, the funding director of "Aman Folk Ensemble" of Los Angeles.
Ever since then, her academy and ensemble have entertained the Greater Seattle Area i.e. Washington State and Western States of United States of America and Canada. Grace Emiko had chances to perform internationally in Uzbekistan and Japan as well.
From the year 2020, Eurasia Academy and Ensemble is expanding globally by ZOOM Conference Dance Classes into Europe, Africa, Australia and the Far East besides North America.


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